**The End Is Nigh**

31 03 2009

Hi all!

Im very sorry to announce I have some bad news!

For anyone that cares I am temporarily abandoning my blog! 😦

To be quite honest, I know its not been going for that long, but when I started it up last November and did the Gears of War 2 review I nearly closed it off straight away as I didnt think anyone would care!

I am really glad I didnt as since then I have been overjoyed to have gained over 3,000 hits!

Unfortunatley however because I  have been playing games a lot less recently I  have had less material to review, and I have become less interested in writing my reviews.

So due to this I feel it best to stop writing for now.

I would like to ask a little something from anyone who may enjoy my reviews.

If you do infact enjoy my reviews and would like me to come back soon to continue reviewing games then could you please send an email to… |


| …saying that you would like to see me back!

I have really enjoyed my time here and im sure in time I would love to start again fresh!

So if I receive a fair amount of emails then I shall return, otherwise I will accept that I am not needed 😦

I hope to hear from you all soon!

Thankyou for your time, Goodbye and I am sorry!

Peace & Love





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