Review: You’re In The Movies

23 02 2009

Heres a lights, camera, action review for You’re In The Movies.


In order to play this game you will need the Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera. You can buy the game and camera together in a pack, and you can buy them separate if you already have the game or the camera!

To enjoy playing this game you will need good room lighting, so you should either open window blinds and curtains or if you are playing at night I suggest you close all curtains and have some bright lights on in the room!

A large clear space is best to play in with a plain backdrop, some clothing that contrasts with the backdrop is also good to help the camera to pick you up.

One thing I will say about the camera set up (In my game experience as it may differ between users!) the camera tends to miss parts of you off on the screen if you dont set it up correctly, im not exactly sure why it does this, but in all honesty I played in my room which wasnt a large environment and there was too much in the background for the camera to cope with. So I highly recommend playing in dark coloured clothing against a white wall! Here are the rules on this anyway.

There are 30 movies you can choose from in 5 genres…

Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, Disaster and Classic.

… Once you have chosen your  movie you must then choose how many players there are up to a maximum of 4. Each player must then take the sreenshot of themselves which acts as their in game avatar. Every session is made up of different sections in which players take it in turns to act out a certain emotion or action, and take part in mini games which all make up the final product.

youre_in_the_movies_scared(Here is an actress acting scared)

The more actors there are determines how many rounds of acting will take place, An average 4 player movie can take 20 – 30 mins to complete. This can get a bit tiresome and repetative as you tend to be doing the same things over and over again. If you are going for the 1000 gamer points you will need to complete all 30 movies in 4 player mode, so i suggest you do this from the begining save repeating all of the movies! If you do not have 4 people to play with you can act all parts in the movies yourself (Which I did for some movies) but this gets very boring after a short time!

Some mini games will require two actors to take part at a time, like the one below in which players must splash each other with mud.

youreinthemovies2plyr(It’s A Bit Messy)

Once all of the actors have finished acting their parts, you are then shown the final product in which the game puts together your recorded parts into the movie you have chosen. Here is an example of a finished movie…

Another game mode is Director mode, this game lets you become the director and create your own movies from start to finish. You choose how many and which scenes will be used, you can even add your own vocals and sound effects.

Some of the achievements require you to complete certain mini games, If like me you complete all of the movies and havent attained all of these achievments you can play any of the mini games  via the  menu, to save you going through movies again trying to find certain mini games!

So all together I give You’re In The Movies –  8 out of 10.

A great party game with lots of hilarious movies to take part in, unfortunately due to some potential graphical issues, and lack of continuous enjoyable single playability I have to mark it down slightly!

Thanks for reading

Peace & Love To All

– Pigeon

There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

First Audition 5
Complete an audition and begin making a movie
Make a Movie 10
Complete 1 game session
Make a Trilogy 20
Complete 3 game sessions
Make a Series 25
Complete 5 game sessions
Going Solo 10
Make a movie with only 1 player
Horror Hero 30
Complete all movies in the Horror genre
Sci-Fi Star 30
Complete all movies in the Sci-Fi genre
Action Ace 30
Complete all movies in the Action genre
Disaster Don 30
Complete all movies in the Disaster genre
Classic Cat 30
Complete all movies in the Classic genre
Cater for Most 30
Make a movie in each of the 5 genres
Obsessed 70
Complete all 30 original movies
Totally Obsessed 100
Complete all 30 original movies in 4 player mode
Budding Director 10
Create a script using director mode
Epic 15
Make a movie with 4 players
Carny 20
Complete all fairground games
Key Grip 20
Complete all studio games
Beach Bum 20
Complete all desert island games
Zen Master 20
Complete all dojo games
Country Kid 20
Complete all countryside games
City Slicker 20
Complete all city games
Team Player 35
Complete all 2 player games in 2 player mode
First Class 10
Play Flight of Fancy and ride in the plane
Run For Your Life 15
Don’t get caught in both Monkey Run and Tornado Run
Movie Editor 20
Score maximum points in Film Buff and The Reel Thing
Demolition Dynamo 20
Knock the wall down in Swing King and dig to the bottom of the screen in Demolition Day
Generator 20
Score maximum points in Backstage Bother and Dynamo!
Sound Engineer 20
Score maximum points in Sound Off and Ding Dong
Slippery Eel 15
Don’t get hit in both Knock Knock and Rodeo Rampage
Puzzle Master 20
Score maximum points in Cup and the Pea and Costume Crisis
Frantic Fun 20
Score maximum points in Shut the Valve and Treasure Trove
Spiritual Bliss 20
Score maximum points in Stone Master and Free Your Mind
Athlete 20
Score maximum points in Log Toss, Bungee Run, and Hula Hula
Triathlon 20
Score maximum points in Marathon Man, Stuntman and Piranha Panic
Bruiser 20
Beat all the bad guys in Runaway Train and Hitman
Strength Challenge 20
Knock the bell off in Strongman
Punch Bag 20
Hit the maximum punch 3 times in a row in Punch Out
Skuse Me 20
Get 3 balls in a row on Skuseball
Rocketeer 20
Destroy 20 ships in Rocket Launcher
Float Like a Butterfly 20
Complete Play Fight and Fistful of Fun without getting hit
Sting Like a Bee 20
Hit all the pads in Contender
Beat Master 20
Score maximum points in Dragon Boat and Funky Monkey
Funky Mover 20
Score maximum points in Let’s Dance and Freestyle Fever

(Achievement information from




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