Review – Need for Speed: Undercover

30 12 2008

A high speed review for the next game in a brilliant series…


As per usual begining to the NFS series you start out as a new racer in town, but this time with a twist “The hunter becomes the hunted” makes no sense?! I will explain! You are a cop and you are Undercover! There are various street gangs tearing up the streets of Tri-City Bay and it is your job to put an end to it, whilst taking part in it at the same time! Very fun.

Tri-City Bay, the new free roaming environment, is made up of over 100 miles of open free roaming road. Within Tri-City Bay you’ll find smaller areas such as Palm Harbor, Port Crecent, Gold Coast Mountains, and Sunset Hills.

(Tri-City Bay Trailer)

Within the game there are a vaiety of race modes for you to take part in. There are the usual Circuit and Sprint races, checkpoint races make a comeback but this time we have a new race mode highway battles in which racers battle to win through traffic filled highways. We also have a great online race mode called Cops ‘n’ Robbers, this mode splits racers into two teams Cops & robbers. The robbers have to race around the small track and pick up the bags of money and race them back to the safe point, and the cops have to stop them by blocking their path or staying right next to them while a red bar fills at the bottom of the screen. This time however drifting is not an included race mode within the game. However, as im sure a lot of people have tryed to do on past NFS titles, you can drift around the city simply by handbraking around corners or over / understeering your car, which actually initiates a drift you can attain points for, rather than imitation drifting attainable on previous titles!

nfsuc-race(Nissan Skyline GT-R vs. Porsche 911)

The cops are back in Undercover and bring similar opporunties to that of ” NFS Most Wanted” we have Cost to State races in which drivers must cause a set amount of damage to the city, by destroying things, and then evade the cops. Cop Takedown requires racers to disable a set amount of cop cars then evade, there are also simple evade events where you must simply evade capture.

nfsuc-cop-chase(Highspeed pursuit with a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution)

There are 55 very attractive picture perfect cars for you to drive on NFS Undercover these include…..

2006 Aston Martin DB9
2008 Audi R8
2006 Audi RS 4
2009 Audi S5
2007 Audi TT 3.2 quattro
2003 BMW M3 (E46)
2008 BMW M3 (E92)
2008 BMW M6 (E63)
2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe
2006 Bugatti Veyron 16.4
2006 Cadillac CTS-V
1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396
2008 Chevrolet Camaro Concept
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454
1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C2)
2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C6)
1971 Dodge Challenger
2006 Dodge Challenger Concept
1969 Dodge Charger R/T 440
2007 Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee
2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10 (w/’08 hood)
1996 Ford Escort RS Cosworth
2006 Ford Focus ST
2006 Ford GT
2006 Ford Mustang GT
2006 Koenigsegg CCX
2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
2006 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
2008 Lexus IS-F
2006 Lotus Elise
1995 Mazda RX-7
2006 Mazda RX-8
2006 Mazdaspeed 3
1994 McLaren F1
2008 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG
2004 Mercedes SL 65 AMG (R230)
2007 Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 Edition
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR
2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
1989 Nissan 240SX (S13)
2009 Nissan 370Z (Z34)
2007 Nissan GT-R (R35)
2000 Nissan Silvia (S15)
1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec (R34)
2006 Pagani Zonda F
1970 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi 440
1965 Pontiac GTO
2006 Pontiac Solstice GXP
2008 Porsche 911 GT2 (997)
2006 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (997)
2006 Porsche 911 Turbo (997)
2005 Porsche Carrera GT
2007 Porsche Cayman S
2008 Renault Megane Coupe
1967 Shelby GT500
2008 Shelby GT500KR
1998 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo (Mk4)
2006 Volkswagen Golf R32 (Mk V)
2008 Volkswagen Scirocco

(Some cars are available via collectors edition and/or DLC)

In a negative point towards the cars, I would say that pretty much all of them handle the same only differing with speed and performance after upgrade. My favourite car however has to be the Bugatti Veyron! Very fast! As you can see in this guys video…

The tuning / modifcation system is back in Undercover as usual you can upgrade your cars performance by purchasing the tiered upgrade packs. You can then adjust the tuning settings for you car to adapt better with your driving style! The visual modification system brings back the body kit, wheels & paint, but doesnt have a tremendous selection that aside its not really needed as this title isn’t based heavily on the look of the cars, obviously the driving is most important!

So finnally all in all I give Need for Speed: Undercover – 8.5 out of 10.

I have heard people compare this game as a mix between Most Wanted and Carbon, this game is yet another decent racing game in the Need for Speed series, Its not to everyones taste and does have a few minor flaws but it is still a very fun driving game! Im looking forward to the next one!

Thanks for reading!

Peace & Love To All

– Pigeon

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Community Member 15
Create or use an existing account to sign into EA Nation
Active Community Member 20
Participated in any Community Day. Visit for more info.
Freeze! Hold it right there! 25
Take a Photo and upload it to
Learner’s Permit 5
Acquire your first car in Career Mode
Apprentice Mechanic 5
Customize a car in Career mode.
Meet Zack 10
Face off against Zack in ‘Rush Hour’
Meet Carmen 10
Face off against Carmen in ‘The Game’
Meet Hector 10
Face off against Hector in ‘Versus’
Meet Nickel 10
Face off against Nickel in ‘Road Rage’
Meet Rose 10
Face off against Rose in ‘Rollercoaster’
Zack Trap 25
Complete the Zack sequence in ‘The Trap’ mission.
Bowling with Hector 25
Complete the Hector sequence in the mission ‘Kingpin’
To Protect and Serve 25
Complete the Carmen sequence in the mission ‘Rematch’
Nickel and Dimes 25
Complete the Nickel sequence in mission ‘Payback’
2 Birds, 1 Stone 25
Complete the mission ‘Double Trouble’
Gold Coast to Ocean 15
Dominate the Gold Coast to Ocean event
East Fasulo Bridge 15
Dominate the East Fasulo Bridge event
Pine Creek & Douglas 15
Dominate the Pine Creek & Douglas event
South Canyon Hwy 15
Dominate the South Canyon Hwy event
East I-5 15
Dominate the East I-5 event
Bay Drive & Harbor 15
Dominate the Bay Drive & Harbor event
Tri-City Run 15
Dominate the Tri-City Run event
North River Expressway 15
Dominate the North River Expressway event
Lose the Eye in the Sky 25
Escape from a helicopter in a successfully completed pursuit. (Must be Career level 8 or greater)
Path of Destruction 10
Disable 10 Police Cars in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career
Get out of the way! 5
Avoid 5 Road Blocks in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career
Aficionado 10
Purchase or win any 5 cars for your garage.
Keys to the City 5
Unlock Port Crescent in Career
Branching out 10
Unlock Sunset Hills in Career
Window Shopper 20
Discovered all 3 Pro Shops in Career
Nothing Stock 20
Discovered all 3 Tuning Shops in Career
Retired 40
Finish the Career Story
Hired Goons 20
Takeout all the ‘Goons’ in Career
5 Finger Discount 20
Complete all Hot Car Missions
Chase or be Chased 20
Win all the Highway Battles in Career
Own the Road 25
Dominate 25 events in Career
Completionist 100
Complete all events in Career.
Unstoppable Force 10
Avoid 50 Road Blocks in Career
Wasting Tax Dollars 20
Get $100,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit and evade
Spiked Punch 10
Avoid a spike strip in a Pursuit and successfully evade in Career
Love thy Tires 15
Avoid 12 Spike Strips total in Career pursuits
Lose the Fuzz 10
Successfully complete 5 Pursuits
Most Wanted 100
Successfully complete 50 Pursuits
Scrapheap 25
Disable 100 Police vehicles.
Crossing the Line 10
Win a Ranked Multiplayer Cops and Robbers event
First! 10
Won a Multiplayer Ranked Game
First of Many 15
Win a Ranked Multiplayer event against 7 human players
Among the Best 25
Won 25 Ranked Multiplayer events
Notorious 50
Finish 119 Multiplayer Races in any position
Cat and Mouse Virus 5
Infected with the Cops and Robbers virus by another player in a Cops and Robbers event.

(Achievement information from




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