Review – A Kingdom for Keflings (Arcade)

17 12 2008

A “Giant” small Review for A Kingdom for Keflings!

“Aww aren’t they cute!” I hear you say as your giant character stomps around the Kingdom, although they may be small these Keflings will do ALOT for you in this addictive arcade game!

The full version of this game will cost you 800 microsoft points and is available for purchase / download from the Xbox Live Marketplace!

As you start a new Kingdom you must choose your “Giant” character. There are a list of preset giants you can select from, or you can use your NXE (New Xbox Experience) Avatar as your character!

The objective of your game is aid the Keflings in gathering resources and creating buildings to expand your Kingdom to eventually create a Castle to house a King or Queen. You do this by collecting resources and constructing buildings. To collect the required resources you must assign jobs to your Keflings followers, the main resource gathering roles you can assign include Lumberjacks, Rock Miners, Crystal Gatherers and Sheep Shearers. Then you will have to give more permanent jobs to other Keflings which you will need to assign as you create certain buildings.

You start off with a few Keflings, a Basic Workshop and your Town Square, from there you must expand by creating pieces of buildings which can then be put together to create their respective final product. To view which pieces are required for each building you can check your blueprints screen (By pressing ‘RB’) and from there you simply gather enough resources to build each piece.

(A busy Giant carrying out his Lumberjack duties)

The heart in the above picture is what is known as “Love”, you need alot of this to continue with your mission to build a Castle, as these little Keflings need places to stay! Due to this you need to create homes for them, and no home is complete without some Love. After you have created all of the required pieces to build a house you can then finish it off by putting a Love heart into it which will provide you with two more Keflings to work with! Love can be found around the landscape randomly after collecting certain resources, or by completing quests.

When you build your Town Hall you will need to assign one of you Keflings as a Mayor, once you do the Mayor will start to offer you quests, which are indicated with a glowing exclamation mark over their head. Upon completion of your quests you are rewarded with more Love or Items that benefit your gameplay, such as running shoes to make you run faster or better belts which increase the load of resource you can carry at one time.

The time scale throughout the gameplay passes very fast, in real time because you lose track of time while playing due to your new addiction, and in game time because there are frequent seasonal changes in weather. One minute it will be bright and sunny and a few minutes later the leaves will be falling, then followed by snow for winter and the cycle continues!

(Snow covered tree tops and pathways during a Kefling Winter time.)

There are a wide range of buildings you can create, which are listed on your blueprints screen in a hierarchy format, meaning some buildings require you make others before they become available, each with its own special bonus for you and your Keflings. These bonuses include increased resource collection rates and quicker movement etc. There is even an artists building which you can use to paint your buildings different colours.

There is also an online game mode in which you must do the same thing as single player, except this time other Xbox Live Users can join in! This did make the gameplay alot more fun mainly because you have people to talk to but also because you can get things done quicker as your other “Giant” gamers join in.

(A happy group of players dancing with their Kefling followers.)

If you are aiming for the full 200 Gamer Points for this game then you will have to do some online exploring for yourself! One achievement “World Traveler” requires you to “Play in an online game where 20 different player banners appear” Player banners can be created via the Town Workshop and display your gamer picture on a flag. The easiest way to get this is to search for a game where the host is “King” and is therefore more likely to have met more people and aquired their banners!

The game will keep you occupied for hours while you build, rebuild and expand your Kingdom. There are however a few downfalls to it. I found the gameplay could become boring at times, that it can be fairly repetitive in that all you have to do is build things and collect resources. Also I found that once you have completed your Kingdom (You have built your castle) there is not alot left to do except for building anything you havent yet built.

So finnally all in all I give A Kingdom for Keflings – 8.5 out of 10.

This game is very enjoyable! It is a nice simple twist on more elaborate building/kingdom construction games like Sim City etc. Except for its minor downfalls hence my slight degrade in score!

Peace & Love To All

– Pigeon

Tips & Hints!

When it comes to building your Town Hall, Keep & Castle, rather than spending out lots of resources bulding all three you can simply upgrade the previous building. You will notice as you pull up the blue print for the chosen upgrade when you unlock it, you will notice that some of the required pieces are dimmed out. This indicates that you have already built them (On the already existing building!) You then simply build the remaining lit pieces to complete the new building!

Secret Achievement: Vanity

In order to achieve these 20 points, you must “Build a glorious statue of oneself”
(You Cant Build Your Avatar!)
To do this you simply build a “Sculptor” building and build 4 busts of any 1 character. Then place them all in a square and a colossus will form, unlocking the achievement 😀


There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

If I Had a Hammer 5
Build a lumbermill (Single Player)
Siegfried (or Roy) 5
Train a Kefling (Single Player)
Frank Lloyd 25
Unlock 25 blueprints (Single Player)
Big Bully 15
Became the big bully of the village (Single Player)
Haberdasher 20
Encounter every possible Kefling hat (Single Player)
Like Rabbits 15
Reach a total Kefling population of 30 (Single Player)
Think Big 10
Build a building made of more than 8 pieces (Single Player)
Master Builder 25
Build a cathedral (Single Player)
King 40
Finish a complete castle with three connected parts (Single Player)
Friend 10
Collect 10 unique player banners from other giants during Xbox LIVE play
World Traveler 10
Play in an online game where 20 different player banners appear
Vanity 20
Built a glorious statue of oneself (Single Player)

(Achievement Information from




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17 12 2008

pigeon is a crackin person to play with, will help u out with any acheivements possible, but don’t play with pigeon once he’s had a few pints lol

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