Christmas Party At Revolution Chester

6 12 2008

Revolution(Click for Website)

5th December 2008, ABC Nursery, Christmas Party, Revolution Chester. My Version of Events!

6:00 pm I check my clock to see theres an hour before im meeting everyone from work for our annual Chrsitmas works do. Just enough time to get ready I think to my self, so I turn off my Xbox and head for the bathroom, I have a shave (and manage to cut my nose trying to shave my monobrow oops how embarrasing lol)

After my shower I get dressed into my new shirt and after finishing getting ready I spray a bit of aftershave about!

I head downstairs to say im going and Mum offers me lift, which I graciously accept!

I arrive outside the Suare bottle in Chester to see Crystal waiting for me, so we head inside and make our way to the bar, After a few more people turn up (Including Kate whos just got back from 10 months in Australia, glad your home hun Ive missedyou!) we finish our drinks and make our way to Revolution for our meal


We arrive at Revolution and find our table, we meet and greet everyone else who is there, find a place at the table then I headed to the bar, accompanie by Maria who was very excited abou the upcoming drink, after a week of me telling her about it hehe. We ordered our Cement Mixers (Info in the vid description!) And I asked Becky to film it on my phone for me. Heres the video…

Me and Maria Doing Our Cement Mixer Shots, 6 of these did the trick!! 😀

We sit back down at the table and chat to one another, as you do on a social occasion. After a short while our meals came, I had the Leek and Potato soup for my starter, I wasnt keen on it to be honest, but it was the only one off the list of starters that I didnt mind. I had the Turkey dinner for my main meal, which was turkey breast wrapped in bacon and served with two sausages, the veg and potatoes came in seperate “help yourself” bowls. For desert I had the Lemon Tart which was served with a bit of cream on the side. I enjoyed the meal it was very nice!

We stayed in Revolution for a while, then other friends and colleagues who only came for drinks started to turn up, so we had a few drinks then made our way out of Revolution.

We headed for Brannigans and we were stopped by some lovely people who gaves us “Free shot at the bar” cards 😀 we went inside and straight to the bar to claim our shots, luckily I knew one of the bar staff, Who most definately didnt give me any shots for free 😉 lol

After a good old fashioned dance around we decided it was time to make a move.

Since “Bass Hunter” was going to be in RB’s  we decided to go there! After queuing for a little bit we got in and yet again headed straight for the bar! With a couple of VK’s in hand I followed everyone else to the middle floor for some more dancing around.

Elaine - Me - Maria

After a while the DJ started hyping everyone up for Bass Hunter’s performance so we all boogied on down till he came on, I say he The singer from Bass Hunter came on to sing the songs I dont actually know who is in Bass Hunter and whether their own DJ was their, but that aside to be honest they might as ell had just played Bass Hunter songs rather than big up a performance because it didnt really make any difference to the experience just having someone singing the songs live!

After Bass Hunter we had good few hours of drinking and dancing left before RB’s 4:00 am closing time.

Kirsty and Crystal informed me that they had found my girlfriend Kat and soon after she found me bopping round, she was accompanied by Lucy and Marie her housemates, we had a bit of a dance before they decided to go home, so the night continued.

Thanks to Martin for buying me a gas chamber! And thanks to the bar man for an impressive display of bar tenderish skills including bouncing bottles off the floor?!?! lol and very large flames during the preparation of the gas chambers!! Toasty warm!

4:00 am arrived and everyone made their way out and on their way home, Kirsty, Crystal, Becky, Sarah and myself made our way down to MacDonalds for some food because on Friday and Saturday its open 24 hour woop, but I was bitterly disappointed at the fact that at that time of the morning they were only serving nuggets… NUGGETS I tell you. Disappointed we made our way to the taxi rank and we all caught a taxi home!

Due to my hunger I made myself a sandwich then clambered into bed! Ahh rest lol

All In All It Was Certainly A Great Night!! Im Looking Forward To Many More Drunken Fun Times 😀

Thanks for Reading!

Peace & Love To All





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