Review – Gears of War 2

1 12 2008

Hi all!

To make a start on my blog I wanted to start giving people tips and hints i pick up for gameplay and achievements (As you can see by my Gears 2 tip below!) also reviews & my experiences about games i play!

So here goes my first review!


Gears of War 2, My Story / Review

As myself and two of my friends took a drive to the nearest 24 hour Tesco for the midnight release we could barely contain ourselves, we had to sit in silence and just listen to the music in the car for a while other wise we may have popped. We arrived and headed for the alcohol isles, with a game this big and an all nighter of gameplay ahead, a few beers would go down a treat! We then headed upstairs and waited the long half hour before midnight, more and more obvious gamers arrived searching the isles then began congregating around the tills. Finally it came, the smiling shop assistant emerged from the back door holding a box full of copies, surprisingly an orderly queue formed and we each bought our copies of the game, there wasnt any special edition copies available, so at first I was a little dubious about buying it, but the excitement got to my so I bought the standard edition. We paced down stairs to the car and drove home, my friend dropping each of us off then heading home himself.

I went inside and put the game in my disc tray, after watching the intro video (Which I always do) I checked the achievements list (A must!) I then headed towards the training grounds (I always get these out of the way first!) and filled myself in on the new features and style of play which I was very impressed by. I then headed towards the campaign and set it to Hardcore, after completing Gears1 many a time on Insane and finding out the difficulty Achievements stack I was more than ready!

So *pauses for breath* OMFG the graphical beauty, the immersive play, the instant action packed fun-diddly-scrumptiousness of it all was almost to much to handle! Due to that I finished the campaign all in one run through and fell in a lump of Gears 2 joy. The storyline kept me going all the way through I even had some emotional reactions at parts (I wont say much except Maria and Tai! You know the rest) I was semi disappointed at the campaigns shortness, but after being blown away so often that didnt matter!

The next day I contacted a friend online to aid me in earning the Co-Op achievements, so we set campaign to the newly Unlocked Insane difficulty and proceeded, After a slightly harder run through and another 10 hour straight Gears 2 Blast we came out victorious and completed Insane!

After waking up the next day I headed onto multiplayer WOW, Horde mode stuck out at first so I proceeded to climb the 50 wave high mountain of seemingly endless Locust monsters with some friends, we tackled it after a few hours and was pleased to gain the achievement.

Then came wingman the “2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2” system worked great, due to everyone needing the most kills first, it was always a mad rush and battle of skill and sometimes luck to try and get to 15 before everyone else the first pair to reach 15 kills wins! I like this game mode as people are forced to get involved in order to win, theres no hanging around waiting to polish off the last enemies!

Guardian was next I really enjoy this game mode as it gets everyone working as a team effectively, trying to kill the enemy leader whilst protecting your own is sometimes a mammoth task if your team mates dont communicate! *TIP* You MUST kill the enemy leader to become the leader yourself!

King of the Hill was next this game mode is very similar to that of Annex, except instead of capturing multiple targets, the zone stays the same throughout!

Unfortunately after I had gained the achievements for these game odes the drastic bad laggy connection arrived to destroy my online experience so since then I have not played much Gears 2. The connection OMFG it makes you want to cry with overwhelming feelings of Anger and Frustration also the disappointment of not being able to enjoy the online play to its full potential due to matches being Ruined!

I still need to get the “Beat The Meatflag”, “Party Like Its 1999” and “Seriously 2.0” achievements

For me Gears 2 was the most anticipated game of 2008. Ever since i started playing “Gears of War” (Which was the first 360 game I played as it came with my original 360 console) I have been hooked on the Gears series! On the gameplay, the story, the characters, and the excitement! Roll on Gears of War 3 πŸ˜€

So finally all in all I give Gears of War 2 – 9 out of 10.

The Game is AMAZING but until someone sorts out the disgraceful laggy connection the game has developed a reputation for I cant give it a 10

Peace & Love To All

– Pigeon

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Green as Grass 10
Train the rook (any difficulty)
It’s a Trap! 10
Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 2
Escort Service 10
Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 4
Girl About Town 10
Story progression in Act 1, Chapter 6
That Sinking Feeling 10
Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 4
Freebaird! 10
Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 5
Heartbroken 10
Story progression in Act 2, Chapter 6
Longitude and Attitude 10
Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 3
Tanks for the Memories 10
Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 4
Water Sports 10
Story progression in Act 3, Chapter 6
There’s a Time for Us 10
Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 2
Better Wrapped in Beacon 10
Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 3
Have Fun Storming the Castle 10
Story progression in Act 4, Chapter 6
And the Horse You Rode in On 10
Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 1
You Are the Support, Son 10
Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 2
Brumak Rodeo 10
Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 4
Does This Look Infected to You? 10
Story progression in Act 5, Chapter 5
Tourist of Duty 25
Complete all campaign acts on Casual Difficulty
Guerilla Tactician 50
Complete all campaign acts on Normal Difficulty
Artist of War 75
Complete all campaign acts on Hardcore Difficulty
Suicide Missionary 150
Complete all campaign acts on Insane Difficulty
Collector 5
Recover 5 collectibles (any difficulty)
Pack Rat 15
Recover 20 collectibles (any difficulty)
Completionist 30
Recover all 41 collectibles (any difficulty)
One-Night Stand 10
Complete 1 chapter in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom)
Open Relationship 30
Complete 10 chapters in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom)
Friends with Benefits 50
Complete all acts in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom)
Once More, With Feeling 10
Perform 30 perfect active reloads (any mode)
Takes a Licking 30
Melee 30 Tickers (any mode)
Organ Grinder 10
Kill 30 enemies with a cover mounted Mulcher (any mode)
Shock and Awe 10
Kill 30 enemies with the heavy Mortar (any mode)
Said the Spider to the Fly 10
Kill 10 enemies with a planted grenade (any mode)
Crowd Control 10
Melee 10 enemies down with the Boomshield equipped (any mode)
Smells Like Victory 10
Kill 30 enemies with the Scorcher Flamethrower (any mode)
Variety is the Spice of Death 30
Kill an enemy with every weapon in the game (any mode)
Seriously 2.0 50
Kill 100,000 enemies (any mode)
Standing Here, Beside Myself 10
Win 3 matches of Wingman (public)
Beat the Meatflag 10
Capture 10 meatflags in Submission (public)
It’s Good to be the King 10
Win 10 rounds of Guardian as the leader (public)
You Go Ahead, I’ll Be Fine 10
Win three matches of King of the Hill (public)
Back to Basic 10
Successfully complete the 5 lessons of multiplayer Training Grounds
Party Like It’s 1999 30
Play 1999 rounds of multiplayer (any mode)
Around the World, Again 30
Win a multiplayer match on each map (any mode)
Dirty, Dirty Horde 20
Survive the first 10 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map)
Hoard the Horde 30
Survive all 50 waves of Horde (any difficulty, any map)
Crossed Swords 10
Win 10 chainsaw duels (any mode)
A Parting Gift 20
Kill 10 enemies with a grenade while down but not out (any mode)
Pound of Flesh 10
Use a meatshield to save your life 10 times (any mode)
Photojournalist 10
Submit a spectator photo
Kick ‘Em When They’re Down 10
Perform all 11 unique executions on a downed enemy

(Achievement Information from




3 responses

6 12 2008
the clarkin8tor

what an excellent review pigeon well done buddy

6 12 2008

*Takes a Bow*

Thanks mate, means a lot! πŸ™‚

6 12 2008
Richey M

Just read it through, sweet review. I think every Gears fan has been disappointed at the dreadful multiplayer connection.

Hope they fix it soon.

Keep up the good work buddy,


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