Achievements – Gears of War 2

1 12 2008

Achievement Pic From / 30G “Play 1999 rounds of multiplayer (any mode)”
Achievement – “Party Like Its 1999″
Tips & Tricks –
Gears of War 2 –
Easy Method
(If You Cant Cope With The Uber Laggy Connection Online)

1. Make Sure Your Xbox 360 Settings DO NOT Have 6 Hour Auto Off Enabled.
2. MAKE SURE your controller is “Wired” or you are using a “Plug And Play Kit”.
3. Before you go to work, or go to sleep.
3. Go to “Training Grounds”.
4. Go to “Build Your Own”.
5. Set the game to…..
Total Rounds – 5
Round Time Limit – 1
Number of Bots – 9
Bot Difficulty – Casual
Bleed Out Time – 60
Friendly Fire – Off
Map Selection – Host
Weapon Spawning – Normal
6. Press Start
7. Set The Map To “Canals” – Press Start
8. Choose A Character – Press Start
9. Let The Games Begin!
10. Turn off your Television (For Safety and Electric Bill Reasons!)
11. Go To Work or Sleep

Because of the set up you have selected and Casual bots are retarded, they all fail in the abilty to kill each other within the one minute time limit, so the round goes to “Stalemate” which still counts as 1 round complete towards the achievement!

You need a “Wired” controller or a “Plug And Play Kit” as your control pad will disconnect after a while of inactivity, thereby pausing the process and wasting your time!!

I chose “Excectution” as it even harder for casual bots to kill each other as they have to headshot or excecute (as you know ;-D)

I chose “Canals” as you are hidden round the back, I suppose this could work on “Gridlock” aswell! Any spawn your kept out of the way basically!

I chose 15 rounds because, although the casual bots are retarded there may be a slight chance a team wins, so due to that fact by having 15 rounds it makes it even harder for them to complete their task while your “away”

So – Nightly (Average Sleep Time!)
8 Hours = 480 Minutes
480 Mintues = 480 Stalemate Rounds
So Your Getting 480 Rounds Towards The Achievement Each Night
So 480 Goes Into 1999 – 4 (and a bit) Times
So After 4 Nights, Plus A Little Extra Play (Which You Should Have!)
You Get The Achievement Without Doing Hardly Anything

Enjoy the rounds rolling in while your inactive

Peace & Love

– Pigeon




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